Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Trainspotting at Poceirão


Another great afternon at Poceirão.23/11/2020

Takargo 1552, another 1550 beeing restored!

You may remember that a few months ago I have published a video about the 1565. Now I am publishing another about "her sister".

Saturday, November 21, 2020

IC repainted!

I have done a repaint for CP intercity coaches!

Friday, November 13, 2020

My new homemade model railway controller.


One of my passions is eletronics, and when I mix my other passion: trains. This came on! Is my newest model train controller. It uses the "feedback" system soo when you are driving a motor for example at 4Volts the controller will output 4Volts but let us imagine that the motor for some reason gets stuck in something, the controller will increase the voltage until the cuurent drawn go to a lower level again! This kind of system just have a little problem... If the motor gets really stuck, the voltage will increase but since the motor will not move the current will raise and the motor will fry, basicaly... But on model railway this is dificult to do.
The circuit!
The wave form created on the controller's output will help getting better performance.

My homemade controller performance(up video)
All the components!
This video is a test with a standart brand controller the other one is my new controller. (is better isn't it?)

For more info send me a comment.

Arlo Micromodel miniatures "photoreview"


Recentely, I have baught from Arlo-Micromodels some cargo and "chain" style couplings. Soo I decided to review it for you!

                            On the photo above there is already one of the "chain" couplings on my loco. Now I just need to paint it, and weather it up! It makes my little "starter set" locomotive look a very detailed one!      

Here are some macro images from the cargo. The level of detail is very high, is this little things that sometime on a model railway do all the diference!

I can say that: If you want some cargo, couplings, and other kind of things to your model railway, Arlo is one of the best.

Check out their media:

Arlo Facebook 

Arlo website

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

SOMAFEL At Portalegre


(up)The old "English Eletric" ex-CP 1441 from the 1400 is here with a balast cargo, this locomotive is from 1968.

(up) An old ALCO (American Locomotive Co.) from the 1500 Class is one of the last "survivors" from his Class, locomotive from 1948, they are the first diesel locomotives to circulate in the poartugal broad gauge.

(up) The EE 1441 with SOMAFEL livery.

(up) Brissneu Et Lotz ex-CP 1200 Class, here is doble heading with another "1200", this locomotives are from 1961

It was at Portalegre station where I have taked this photografs. They are very special photos because the locomotimes on it are from the beggining from the portugal's diesel era.

Wikipédia links:
CP 1200 Class: CP 1200.
CP 1400 Class: CP 1400.
CP 1500 Class: CP 1500.
SOMAFEL "Our History" page: SOMAFEL

Train inventary:
1200 Class: CPSOMAFEL.
1400 Class: CPSOMAFEL.
1500 Class: CPSOMAFEL.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

The "1565" from Takargo Rail

The "1565" Takargo

It was at Poceirão that I had the opportunity to capture the maneuver of the ex-CP 1565 locomotive of the charismatic Série 1550 from CP costructed by MLW-Canada (Montreal Locomotive Works)before these one was baoght by Bombardier. These locomotives was very reliable on Portuguse lines because they are very powerfull but at the same time not too big, ~1500HP. They has used in cargo and passanger services before being withdrawn. Now they are being baught by Takargo to use in cargo services.

Trainspotting at Poceirão

  Another great afternon at Poceirão.23/11/2020